Friday, August 27, 2010

Sideration:The use of green manure

White Lupin 
Lupinus albus

Trigonella foenum-graecum

This winter I grew these plants as green manure on my plot at the community garden. Both are just starting to come into flower and are at the perfect time for turning into the soil. According to my well thumbed copy of Rodale's How to grow vegetables and fruit by the organic method, green manure plants are one of the best soil conditioners ever discovered. 'They cost little, take little time to use and provide the answer to good soil tilth'. Every gardener who may not have time to make enough compost for the whole garden area can get the fertility build-up, biological activation and disease and insect resistance by planting green manures.
I am tempted to save some seed of the Fenugreek as it is such an aromatic Indian spice. In Hindi it is called methi and is a traditional ingredient in the spice mix panch phora . The "Greek" part of the name foenum-graecum means Greek hay.


  1. We in India love the fenugreek leaves with pumpkin. I wouldn't have the heart to put the methi leaves back into the soil, when it can make a tasty dish! I have found thet even the roots of the fenugreek fertilise the soil by fixing nitrogen.

  2. Hi There
    i am having hard time growing fenugreek. It grows 2-3 inches and doesnot grow after that. what i am doing wrong pls help!

  3. Mr Penguin It is a winter and needs short days, sow seed late autumn. It grows through winter and flowers in spring