Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camellia Show Time

Camellia 'Henry E Huntington'

The main Camellia Show of the year is on this weekend presented by Camellias Illawarra Incorporated in conjunction with Camellias Australia Inc. Despite the gale force winds of late, it has been a good year for Camellias and there are many more blooms out than usual. These are some of my favourites from the Show.

Camellia 'Grape Soda'

Rare yellow species Camellia nitidissima

Camellia 'Eryldene Excelsis' Variegated

Camellia 'Margaret Davis'

Camellia 'Okan'

Small flowered Camellia 'Maroon and Gold'

Camellia S.P. Dunn

Camellia 'Winters Own'

Camellia 'Black Magic'
Camellia 'Black Magic'

Camellia 'Surusumi'


  1. Ian,

    These are all lovely, I would die to have Camellia 'Okan' in our garden. We have about 12 camellias and not the best soil for growing them, in too much clay.

  2. Beautiful camellia blooms. I have a bush in a container, which has not flowered since I bought it a year ago:(

  3. Hello!
    Stunning camellias, right? Here in our area, also are demonstrations and contests of camellia (where the time, also publish, ok?).
    I really like your blog, so, with your permission, I become a follower.
    I invite you to visit our blog and comment whenever you want.
    Greetings from Spain. Until next time!