Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monet's Nasturtiums at Giverny

"One had to pick one's way along the main walk to avoid treading on the freely trailing Nasturtiums" Jean-Marie Toulgouant
"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers", said Monet in 1924 "My garden is slow work, pursued with love and I do not deny that I am proud of it. Forty years ago, when I established myself here, there was nothing but a farmhouse and a poor orchard.....I bought the house and little by little enlarged and organised it ....I dug, planted, weeded myself; and in the evenings the children watered."


  1. Good morning! I also, when I settled in my house there was nothing, no planta.Mas slowly dug and planted and today I have shade trees and fresh flowers brighten the day. I still have very fragrant flowers which exude fragrance only at night. I do not have a garden like Monet, but the intent is the same. Have a good weekend! Here has been intense heat and the spring rains have been slow to arrive.

  2. Nasturtiums are one of my favourites and I love that Monet picture of course. Great photo.