Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tithonia rotundifolia "Fiesta del Sol"

Tithonia "Fiesta del Sol" planted with dark purple Salvia splendens
This is the first time I have grown the dwarf form of this Mexican sunflower. I have it planted  in a large shallow bowl combined with  purple Salvia and some 'spillover' succulents around the edge.The succulents have been somewhat hidden by the Tithonia leaves.
 The pumpkin orange flowers stand above the coarsely hairy leaves on compact 25cm plants and are easy to snip off when spent, ensuring a continuous long flowering season through summer and autumn. It is possible that the plants may become semi perennial as the winter months approach ....wait and see. This is a good sustainable plant as it requires minimal water and fertilizer and has no pests or diseases.
Tithonia species are in the Asteraceae family and are native to Mexico.

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