Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Capsicum annum 'Pusa Jwala'

Capsicum annum 'Pusa Jwala', Indian Chilli Variety
Oh to be in Hyderabad for "the defeat of monumental proportions in the second Test by an innings and 135 runs......." though larrikin Merv Hughes looked like he was having a great time in the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Loved to have been there under that blazing blue sky.

This is the most popular Indian chilli variety characterized by elongated curling pods which have a wrinkly puckered skin. Mine are still pale green though they will change to red over the coming months. The plant has an umbrella shape of loose open branches and is very prolific. This chilli dries well so is easy to store for later use. It makes a good container plant or decorative kitchen garden addition.

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