Monday, August 19, 2013

The Cat Grass Kit

 'Feline Groovy' Sammy
 Over the weekend I planted out the very neat Mr Fothergill's Cat Grass Kit.
 It's 'neat' in the cool, well designed sense of the word, a perfect package for apartment dwellers or for those who keep their cats indoors like we all should. Interesting to see a 'Made in Canada' label on this product which made me think of all those snow bound cats in a Canadian winter dreaming of green grass.
So this kit consists of a packet of cat grass seeds, and a mini greenhouse with an expandable Jiffy pot of instant growing medium of the just add water variety. The pictures below explain how it works. The packet of seeds is generous so that consecutive sowings can be made over many months.

 You add 300ml of warm water to the Jiffy pot and wait a few minutes for it to absorb all the water. Then you poke a couple of holes in the base of the container and spread out the soil with a little knife. Now the instructions say to poke the holes in first but you may end up with a big puddle on your kitchen bench if you do.
 Seed planted
 Completed, this little greenhouse generates enough moisture so you don't really need to water the seed again but just keep an eye on it. This is not the end of the story and I will update the post as the seed grows and develops. This kit retails for $5.95 and would make a terrific present for cat lovers. It is available from the Mr Fothergill's website as per this link:
Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds and Herb Seeds
 Update: This is the germinated seed after a couple of weeks. This can be given to your cat as is or potted into larger pots so it has a chance to grow bigger. Impress your friends by giving them the botanical name for it: Dactylis glomerata

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  1. Dactylis Glomerata is also great for dogs - my pooch adores it.