Saturday, October 5, 2013

Burnt Orange Safari

 One of the last Ranunculus to flower this spring is the one pictured above. It is a true burnt orange colour and from my understanding of the colour palette, this is orange with burnished copper and brown overtones. It is a colour which can be used to describe aspects of the Australian landscape, especially the outback.

 It is a reminder to plant the summer annual Portulaca . They are terrific to plant amongst succulents or in planter bowls. They do well in pots which are quite shallow as they have a fairly small root system and don't need much water to keep them looking good.

 Bougainvillea 'Bambino Miski' is one of the dwarf varieties which is in flower at the moment. When not in flower it is almost leafless, but when leaves do form, this one has attractive cream and grey variegated foliage. I grow one in a pot and place it on a table in a prominent spot when it is in flower.

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