Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sansevieria in flower

Sansevieria ssp. flowering stem
Sansevieria or 'Mother-in-laws-Tongue' can be tricky to grow outdoors in climates outside the tropics. I have given up trying to grow some species as each year during winter they develop brown spots on the leaves which often turn mushy and rot out or the top leaves burn off and die downwards. They are a tough plant however and new shoots appear in summer from the massive rhizomatious root system which has the power to break through plastic pots in search of new ground to conquer. Flowering stems appear from time to time over summer and these always draw the eye as they seem like an explosion of greenish yellow petals. The red or orange fruits which follow ripen slowly and these contain seed which are fairly easy to germinate though new plants are slow to reach a good size. Propagation is more easily carried out by division of mature plants. In the meantime my collection of Sansevieria plants languish at the back of the Nursery and only occasionally get a once over tidy up such is their ability to survive with just the water that falls as rain.

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