Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Allamanda 'Creme Caramel'

Allamanda 'Creme Caramel'
This climber may be the perfect gift for a food obsessed person or someone with a sweet tooth? Topically MKR? 
Allamandas love the muggy weather we are having at the moment with new flowers opening every other day. The shiny caramel coloured buds on this one open to lovely custard petals infused with more caramel at the centre of the flower. It certainly glows but perhaps it may be too subtle for those used to the bright daffodil yellow flowers of the typical form.
It is deciduous in cooler climates outside the sub tropics but is generally hardy preferring it on the dry side over winter. It likes a hot site against a western wall and needs to be tied onto a support as it will not climb with tendrils but merely sends out arching branches topped with sprays of flowers. It is perfectly happy when grown in a large pot.


  1. Hello, I love allamanda!!! can you send me a few seeds when you have? please!!

    1. Hi Janina,
      I have never seen seeds forming on mine but will keep and eye out,cheers Ian