Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pelargonium carnosum

With the Collectors' Plant Fair vibe in the air (April 12 &13) it is time to fess up and admit to being a collector of obscure plants of one genera or another. One of my favourite nurseries at the Fair is that of Robyn Bible who specializes in all things Geranium/Pelargonium. I like this group of plants because many species have scented leaves and they are able to survive on very little water or attention. Pelargonim carnosum resembles a bonsai tree, a deciduous one at that, and is given a common name of 'fleshy-stalked pelargonim' .It occurs in semi desert regions or karroid vegetation localities of South West Africa, Richterveld, Namaqualand, South Western Cape and dry areas in the Eastern Province.
The flowers are an unfortunate shade of pus yellow/green with inflamed streaks on the upper petals.They are quite delicate and demand closer inspection with a hand lens to appreciate their form. Inflorescence 'tech heads' take note that the peduncles are usually branched to bear several pseudo-umbels with 2 to 8 flowers each.

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