Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ludwigia longifolia, Long-leaf Willow Primrose

Ludwigia longifolia
  Long-leaf willow primrose
The appearance the other day of a large flock of pelicans circling overhead was an awe inspiring sight. Were they looking for a spot to land on nearby Lake Illawarra or did they have their sights set on somewhere further down the coast? Gardening in a location frequented by migratory water birds means you get the occasional appearance of weeds which have been deposited by these feathered friends. Long-leaf willow primrose has become one of the more serious weed species which is making its mark on our environment by displacing native vegetation. Most of my weed books don't even mention so it has obviously spread and become more serious as the years have gone by since its introduction as an aquarium or water garden plant. (It is South American in origin). You know it is serious when the advice given if you find it growing in your garden or property is to burn it or bury it deeply. Here is the link for the full story:
 Weed Profile: Long-leaf willow primrose | NSW Department of Primary Industries

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