Thursday, May 1, 2014

Agave lophantha 'Tricolor'

Agave lophantha 'Tricolor'
This Agave often gets named or confused with the variety 'Quadricolor' which has the addition of white and pink to the leaf markings. It is quite a striking Agave none the less and over the past few years I have been slowly building up stock of it by removing the off-sets from my original specimen which is now some 45cm across. These 'pups' occur as side shoots on a short branch instead of the more typical underground form where new plants travel from the parent and emerge some distance away. Though the leaf margins are toothed and a small spine is present on the leaf tip, this is a very user friendly Agave which is ideal for a pot or garden bed.
2017 update: I have a number of different sizes available.

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