Sunday, July 27, 2014

Plants for Aromatherapy

 Aromatherapy, Massage Oils and simple home remedies in Maria M Kettenring book published by
(Aroma-Gesundheitsparktikerin ,Dufttrainerin und Autorin zahlreicher Bucher)

I am not good at self-promotion but it was a real thrill to have my photo of Palmarosa grass (Cymbopogon martinii var motia) included in this book and be given credit as an 'Australien'.
Now if only there was a bit of demand for Palmarosa plants locally as I failed to shift more than a few units of it over last summer.
A couple of  Aussie plants which are making an impact in Europe, included in the book are, 'Teebaum', Melaleuca alternatifolia , or what we know as tea-tree oil, and Cajeput from Melaleuca  leucadendron var. cajeputii.

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