Sunday, April 2, 2017

Echeveria 'Icycle'

                     Echeveria x 'Icycle'
A plant breeder with a sense of humour ! For years I called this 'Icicle' assuming that the frosty looking silver leaves were named with that in mind. A cycling enthusiast reminded of Mont Blanc more likely ?
This is a hybrid between Echeveria agavoides and Echeveria leucotricha and grows to about 150mm across. Having as a parent E. agavoides gives it a certain toughness with the ability to withstand the occasional knock if weeding around it or when moving a pot grown specimen; as well as good rainy weather resistance with water not hanging on foliage as it may do on the flatter rosette shaped hybrids, which often results in stem rot and fungal problems.
I remove the one or two offsets and flower stems which appear each year so that the main plant is able to grow large and more sturdy. It forms a handsome and dramatic looking specimen with added appeal when contrasted with some silvery ornamental grasses.
I always have some small plants available for sale. 

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