Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An Autumn Gazania

 This Gazania was in flower a few weeks back which surprised me as they normally do their thing in spring and summer. It is an American bred variety whose name escapes me. What was most unusual about it was the number of flowers which appeared, forming a crown across the entire top of the plant growing in a squat six inch pot. Now if only I had a hundred or so they would have been a sure fire winner in the plant markets. Definitely one to set aside and try to build up the numbers of.


  1. Gazanias seem to be very popular in florists, but I am not crazy about them, I prefer more delicate daisy like flowers, but I guess they have their place in a garden.

  2. I do love a good gazania! Hardy too which they need to be if I'm growing them, not that I am nowadays. Weeds and frail veges is about my speed. Oh, and a giant agave spike but that was an accident. :D

  3. Oh, and good luck building up some stock of this Gazania.