Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aloe lutescens

Aloe lutescens growing with Sanseviera trifasciata 'Silver Sheen'

This densely clustered Aloe is distinguished for its dark "army" green leaves and bi-coloured flowers.The foliage is a good contrast to the silvery leaves of the Sanseviera.The flowers are wonderful. Dark red buds open yellow and are quite striking. The clumps eventually grow to about 1 metre across on a plant to 60 cm tall. Birds always visit and the flowering time is about 6 weeks ,a bit longer than some other Aloes. It will flower in semi shade and is tolerant of full coastal exposure. In its native habitat of South Africa it is found in an area between Soutpansberg and the Limpopo River at an altitude of 20 to 1200m. Highly recommended for garden and commercial landscaping.
2017 update I have currently have limited stock available in 200mm and 300mm pots

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