Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eupatorium megalophyllum syn Bartlettina sordida

Eupatorium megalophyllum is an exotic spring flowering shrub with quite a distinctive appearance. The large furry leaves have a purplish tinge and the large mop of flowers look attractive both in bud and when they come out .It lasts for at least six weeks in flower ,after which it needs to be pruned hard to allow a new batch of stems to emerge and to maintain a good compact shape.It usually grows to about 2 metres and will tolerate both shade or sun. The leaves tend to be larger in the shade, while in sun they become smaller and darker in tone. Shelter from wind is desirable with any large leafed shrub and this is no exception but otherwise it is very hardy, though tolerant of only light frost.
2017 update: Name change to Bartlettina sordida. I find this shrub really difficult to propagate and the strike rate of cuttings is almost nil. Any suggestions?

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  1. Mine is in a woodland style Hobart garden with Clivias etc and thrives in semi shade. I have 100% success with struck cuttings taken in early Autumn into commercial seed raising mix which is quite sandy, sheltered under shade cloth and watered well. Cheers