Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spring cut flower arrangements

Viewing flower arrangements up close can give you inspiration for garden design and can show what colours work well together. This arrangement features the pale blue flowers of Nigella or 'Love in a Mist'. After flowering it produces curious horned seed pods which gives it another common name, 'Devil in a Bush'

Here is a good combination of pinks with some darker mauve and purple flowers to give the background some depth and solidity and some tiny white flowers to make it light and airy.
Deep blue Larkspurs form a solid background to the pastel shaded flowers overlaying them . The hint of yellow in the larger Alstroemeria flower adds a great contrast and lifts the whole colour scheme.
The papery flowers of purple and blue Statice last for ages. Here they have been arranged in a ripple pattern radiating out from a central yellow miniature rose which is embraced by a spiky spider Grevillea flower in rusty red.


  1. Beautiful flower arrangements! The Nigella has two different and contrsting names. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. I like them for their colour and delicate appearance.

  2. Color, color everywhere! It looks like a painter's palette.