Monday, November 23, 2009

Jasminum nitidum, Angelwing Jasmine

Jasminum nitidum 
 Angelwing Jasmine
This sweetly scented Jasmine is in flower for most of the year and on hot days, when given a spray of water, it releases its wonderful fragrance into the air. Like many Jasmines, it has trouble making up its mind whether it is a climber or a shrub. During Summer it sends off long thin shoots as a climber does which either weave their way through neighbouring plants or collapse onto the ground. Cutting back these shoots helps turn this Jasmine into a fairly compact shrub about 1.5 metres tall. There is also much confusion as to its botanical name . It is also known as J.laurifolium. In Florida it has been referred to as J. ilicifolium and in California as J. magnificum.
It is native to the Admiralty Islands, the group of some 18 islands to the north of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. The Admiralty Islands are part of the Manus Province of PNG.
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  1. I have a similar jasmine called the Malabar jasmine, which has more pointed petals. The scent is heavenly, whichever the jasmine.

  2. A wild variety of jasmine that grows here in Goa looks very similar to your Angelwing jasmine but it has thorns!

  3. Yes the flower is very similar to the plant Carissa or Natal Plum which is very thorny