Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Agave sisalana, Sisal

Sisal Agave, Athi Plains, Nairobi, Kenya.

South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya all grow Agave sisalana for the production of the natural fibre sisal, though the main world producer is Brazil. Sisal has a high breaking strain and low extensibility and is used to make heavy twines, ropes and marine cordage, mats ,sacks, tarpaulins mops, brushes ,craft paper and cardboard. The first leaf cut is when the plant is about 3 years old or about 1.5m tall and bearing about 100 leaves.
2017 update: I do not have plants of this Agave for sale.

Agave sisalana

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  1. In India, farmers use the sisal as a fence to protect their farms from stray cattle and deer. Sial ropes are used extensively here,even to cord the 'charpoys', a kind of camp beds that villagers sit on .