Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gazania,Treasure Flower

A South African plant which has found a home in many parts of the world is the Gazania. In Australia it has naturalised in sandy coastal places and is much used in public space landscaping because of its ability withstand harsh conditions and its attractive display of bright flowers which appear for up to eight months of the year.There are two main types available: The clump forming larger flowered varieties ,such as the one pictured above, and the spreading silver leafed ground cover types which have bright yellow flowers in single or double. 
2017 update: i normally have plants ready in late winter or early spring.


  1. Yes, these flowers can tolerate the harsh sun. They are planted in public areas here.

  2. Ian
    What would we California gardeners do without Gazanias!
    Such glorious color...
    btw Left a message on Blotanica. Have you been there lately?
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz / Bay Area Tendrils