Wednesday, September 22, 2010

banana plant maintenance

'Red Dacca' Banana Tree

It's the time of year to do some maintenance on Banana trees. I remove all the wind damaged branches and cut them up to use as mulch. It is essential to also remove most of the suckers or side shoots to allow all the energy to go into the main fruit producing stem. You leave three to grow for future fruit production.Once tidied up, I like to give them a dressing of blood and bone fertilizer and a bag of cow manure as well.


  1. Ian,
    My Zebrine Banana tree will have to go in the basement before we get a freeze, but since today was the last day of summer here it'll have a few more months before I have to dig it up.

  2. Randy You could try leaving it in the ground and wrapping it in some fleece or building a little plastic igloo over it.