Friday, November 12, 2010

Heaven Scent Sweetpeas

Tall stemmed Sweet Peas from Dr Keith Hammett of New Zealand
This cool spring has been fantastic for growing sweet peas. Normally by now we have had a few days over 30C which puts a stop to the display of flowers, making the stems short and therefor not great for picking. Next year I might order individual colours from a specialist breeder such as Dr Hammett in NZ, He offers a near black one, appropriately enough for a Kiwi. The ones above are from a mix of his available from Yates seed. I also had some seed left over of the variety Old Spice which includes bi-coloured flowers and many dark maroon ones.
'Old Spice' Sweet Pea

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  1. Thanks for the correct identification of my mystery plant, Ian. I adore the perfume of sweet peas and remember them from childhood but haven't grown them for years. I definitely will in 2001 though.