Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Silene inflata, Sculpit

Flowers of Silene inflata
This is a herb from Italy which can be used in Risotto, egg dishes and salads.... or so says the packet of seed . Tasting it raw, it was not particularly inspiring for me so I am waiting for it to be discovered by a celebrity chef who can show me how best to use it. If you do a bit of a web search on it there is no real information about it other than it has a flavour not unlike a combination of chicory ,tarragon and arugula (rocket). One of my books on edible plants which was published late in the 19th century lists it and says the taste when cooked was not unlike that of fresh green peas.So for the time being I will file it under survival food or edible weed.
I am familiar with the genus as they are often given the common name of catchfly or bladder campion.

Spear shaped leaves of Sculpit, Silene inflata

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  1. Catchy common names! Along with your description of the flavour (or lack of it) I am not champing at the bit to get any just yet. By the way thanks for the identification of my plant. About four others had a go, but I knew they were wrong. Ta!