Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Jacobean Lily, Spreklia formosissima

Jacobean or Aztec Lily, Spreklia formosissima

This lily has just gone dormant so I have been dividing up some clumps and separating offsets from the main bulbs for replanting. It is one of those tough easy care bulbs which is native to Mexico and Guatemala and will grow across a range of climates as long as it gets a freely draining soil. In colder frosty areas it is better to wait till early Spring to plant out the bulbs or they can be grown in a pot which is best kept on the dry side over winter.In warmer climates they can be left undisturbed for years in the same spot and can even be dug up in summer if you want to share a few plants with friends. The main flowering time is early spring but flowers can occur at intervals throughout summer as well. If growing it in a pot it makes an interesting and unusual plant to bring indoors when in flower, especially if you love a splash of deep crimson or scarlet contrasting with a glossy black container.
2017 update: I no longer have this plant unfortunately.

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