Sunday, May 1, 2011

Petty Spurge, Euphorbia peplus

Petty Spurge, Euphorbia peplus growing through a crack in concrete

Hardly a week goes by when I don't have to pull out some of this weed. Common in gardens throughout Australia, it is usually found around buildings or in shady spots. It is native to Europe and Asia but it grows worldwide in settled areas. The milky juice from cut stems is corrosive to tender skin and mucous membranes and may cause severe gastro-intestinal irritation if swallowed. As it often appear in vegetable gardens it may inadvertently become mixed amongst the green leaves of a salad mix so it is best to keep it under control where food plants are grown. It will also cause hens to go off the lay if it becomes mixed with their green pick feed.


  1. Ufff it´s an undestructible weed i hate it!

    Have a nice day ;)

  2. Coincidental that we have both written about weeds this week .....although very different species! Interesting re the effect spurge has on hens - I'm pleased that this is one weed I don't seem to be growing.

  3. It is all I seem to do these days ...weeding weeding weeding ,the result of warm days and all this rain.

  4. The juice from the stems is used to treat pre cancerous skin lesions. They charge big bucks for it when it comes in a jar from the pharmacist. Who knew!