Friday, March 2, 2012

Salvia apiana,white sage

Salvia apiana
The recent excessive rainfall has meant the death of many of my garden plants which originate from regions which experience very dry summers or which naturally grow in well drained rocky soil. This Salvia is one of the casualties, though I have taken a few cuttings which may mean it lives to see another day. I was taken in by the description of this plant by Betsy Clebsch in her book Salvias: 'On a hot day its fragrance is often evident long before the plant comes into view. 'The leaves contain aromatic oils and resins which are reminiscent of lavender and pine and were once used by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes.
Salvia apiana is indigenous to the chaparral habitat of California which is described in this video.
2017 update: I have limited stock available.


  1. I hope you cuttings do well...they really do smell amazing...that's about the best description of the scent I've seen.

  2. Hope so Scott but it is still raining after a week