Monday, June 11, 2012

Alternanthera bettzickiana

 Yellow Alternanthera bettzickiana aurea and pink Alternanthera bettzickiana
This colourful ground cover plant from Brazil is usually given the name of 'Exhibition Border' instead of the complex botanical name. It belongs to the family Amaranthaceae to which many coloured leaf tropical plants belong. Alternanthera species make rapid growth over the summer months and need regular clipping to keep them looking good. In winter they produce masses of short prickly flowers and seeds and virtually stop growth. As they are frost sensitive, they are more likely to be treated as an annual in cold climates and used for summer carpet bedding and floral clocks.
Recently plants has been used to great effect in 'green walls' using a checker-board pattern of contrasting yellow and pink panels. It's low water and fertilizer requirements make it an attractive alternative to annuals, but you just have to be nifty with the hedge shears to keep it looking good.

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  1. Wow! lovely landscape. I really appreciate the artistry you put in your garden.