Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cos lettuce

Cos lettuce surrounded by winter hardy tomato seedlings
When you grow your own lettuce you can afford to be a bit wasteful especially when you have half a dozen or so all ready at the same time. With Cos lettuce it is the inner pale yellow leaves which I like the best. They have plenty of crunch and being spoon shaped you can load up all sorts of filling onto them in say a typical Caesar salad for which they are ready made for.  In her Kitchen Garden Companion book, Stephanie Alexander recommends arranging the leaves of Cos on a platter rather than in a bowl for the perfect Caesar salad. The leaves are coated with a Parmesan dressing which is made in a food processor by combining Parmesan, anchovy fillets, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and olive oil with a couple of lightly boiled eggs. I like to add pieces of grilled chicken to my Caesar as well as Avocado, bacon and croutons made from sour dough bread.The perfect lunch at any time of the year.
Cos lettuce originated on the Greek Island of Kos, though it is also given the name Romaine.

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  1. All greens have a habit of plenty, I think. Mouth watering recipe of the salad!