Thursday, July 5, 2012

Diasica barberae Twinspur Flower

Diasica species are native to South Africa and in particular the Drakensberg Mountain region which is a winter rainfall area and one where temperatures may get down below zero. Hence this one feels right at home at the moment and is putting on a wonderful display of flowers. A friend bought a couple of them to place in a hanging basket and though this one was labelled as 'Appleblossom', the colour is more a bright musk-stick pink. 
They grow as creeping perennials with small heart shaped leaves which are almost hidden by the mass of flowers clinging on wiry stems to about 20cm high. The plant spreads by a creeping rootstock to about 50cm wide, so it is worth getting about 5 or more if you want to fill a reasonable space on a path edge or garden border. A range of colours in pink tones is usually available including some shaded apricot and salmon orange. They are very hardy and need a shearing of spent flowers occasionally and some liquid fertilizer to keep them looking good.

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