Monday, July 30, 2012

Punica granatum 'Mme. Legrelle"

 This ornamental Pomegranate is just starting to break its winter dormancy and is producing the first flush of bronze red leaves along the stems. Always a welcome sign that winter is finally almost over. If only it could remind the tropical plants to drop their yellow leaves and sad demeanor and show a bit of life as well.
In summer this 3 metres shrub displays large salmon orange carnation like flowers which look as if they have been dipped in icing sugar.They are so fat they weigh the branches down and to me they resemble those overstuffed double oriental poppies. Growth is fairly rapid during the warm months and it can be pruned to shape during this time though waiting till after leaf fall allows you to see a better framework of branches suitable for shaping.
This variety does not produce fruit. It is hardy over a range of climates and will tolerate dry conditions well. I have some small plants for sale. If interested please email me but I cannot send plants to Tasmania, Western Australia or overseas
 2017 update: I am currently out of stock.

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