Monday, October 8, 2012

'Quickies' in the vegetable patch

 Bok choy in front of tomato plants

Frilly lettuce in front of zucchini
For me it is always a case of trial and error when growing vegetables, or should that be feast or famine. I am trying to have a less is more approach, two cabbage plants instead of fifteen, two silverbeet plants is plenty..... This spring I have planted lots of quick growing leafy vegetables in front of the slowly developing summer crops such as squash and tomatoes. I am growing Roma and cherry tomatoes and not staking them but letting them grow across the ground as they do in commercially planted crops. Mulching them well underneath of course to give the fruit a soft bed to lay on. My flower seeds of Cosmos and Zinnea are already up and will make a colourful addition amongst it all. They are already anticipating their first photo opportunity to arise.


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  2. I love this blog title Ian. It reminds me of a 1920s Australian book named 'Half hours in the bush house'.