Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rosa 'Orange Honey'

Miniature rose 'Orange Honey'
Miniature roses are quite delightful because if you grow them in pots, as I do, you get to place the container on a bench and check out the flower up close under a magnifying glass. This one was bred by Ralph Moore in United States in 1979. It reminds me a bit of the rose 'Chameleon' as this one also has a flower which changes colour as it ages. Whereas Chameleon takes on a yellow colour, this one goes hot pink on the tips of the petals, while below is soft pink to white and then green at the base. The flowers last well in a vase and you get the full range of colours from a small posy of blooms. No doubt miniature roses will become more popular as gardens get smaller and the option becomes what one can grow on a balcony in a planter box.

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