Friday, May 10, 2013

Sun-hardy Coleus

  This is a variety which is winter hardy if given a spot in the garden which is sheltered and away from cold drying winds. There are a few like this, though it is the really spectacular ones with very large floppy leaves like stained glass windows which tend to be the least hardy. So I was given a cutting of this one and I grew it on in a small 4 inch pot. It was placed in the corner of the glasshouse amongst some other plants and I hardly gave it a second thought over summer. Then last week as I cleaned up the plants around it over it toppled having grown some one and a half metres tall with thick woody stems and roots squeezed out of the pot and creeping across the floor. Fortunately Coleus are fairly forgiving and I can start the whole process all over again by cutting off the top branches and putting the pieces in a jar of water till they grow new roots. This time I will plant it out in the garden so it can end up looking as good as the one in the photo.
2017 update: I still grow this variety.


  1. It looks similar to one I grow, which is the best coleus I have ever had. It survives winter in my Sydney garden. Deirdre

  2. Hi Deirdre,
    This is yours! Embarrassing to admit after you gave me that piece all that time ago it is back to being a few cuttings in a jar of water on the windowsill. Promise i will plant it out in the garden this time