Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Plectranthus barbatus var. grandis

Plectranthus barbatus var. grandis
This is the largest growing Plectranthus species reaching some 3 metres and has the typical furry, velvety leaves of the genus and familiar autumn flowers. The flowers of this one are a clear Wedgwood blue and stand proud of the foliage making quite an impact in the garden. It is a shrub which is fairly versatile as it will grow in sun or shade, will tolerate light frost and is not fussy as to watering or soil condition. It fits the bill for that garden position of dry shade under trees which is always a difficult spot to fill.
That said, Plectranthus need a bit of work to keep them looking good for a long time and it can be said that they have a shelf life of about five years before needing to be replaced. They become woody or straggly after that time. Cuttings strike readily however and large pieces of stem can simply be placed in the ground where you want this shrub to grow.

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