Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anisodontea capensis

 Anisodontea capensis (Malvaceae) Hibiscus Family
This small South African shrub with its pink star shaped flowers, delicately 'painted' with dark 'whiskers', has been flowering non-stop for months. It is a thin and wispy character however with barely there leaves and very open habit. How to place it in a garden without it disappearing altogether? Plant several dozen together one imagines to make an impact. It could look quite good alongside Gaura 'Passionate Blush' which has a winter down time. The Anisodontea could replicate the look of Gaura over winter and spring. Alternatively it could be placed as a background shrub in a mixed garden of succulents as it likes similar growing conditions being undemanding of water or fertilizer.

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