Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blossom Bonsai

Crabapple blossom, Malus floribunda
I bought this Crabapple at a specialist bonsai nursery last week. It has been pruned and just needs to be placed in the right container. Growing spring flowering blossom trees as bonsai  means you get to enjoy different trees which you either don't have space to grow or which are outside of their normal climate range to grow well. I like the fact that you can move the plant to a sheltered spot if there is likely to be rain and wind which can ruin the flowers very quickly, and it can be kept cool on a searing hot summers day.
This weekend (21 & 22 September) the Bonsai Society of Australia is holding a show in Sydney called "Reflections" at the Don Moore Community Centre, Cnr North Rocks Rd. and Farnell Ave. in Carlingford. For further information call Maureen on 9871 4162 or Georgina on 9636 4261.
 C'est le Printemps! and at least the weather has cooled and there has been good rain though many plants have already finished their display. The Wisteria shot into leaf before the flowers had opened properly. Maybe next year we will have "normal" weather.

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