Saturday, June 14, 2014

Agaves, Hats & Beards

 Agave in urn on plinth
Illustrated Sydney News c.1869
I have been looking for pictures of Agaves and their use in gardens in Australia during the 19th Century but have ended up reading about the history of men's hats and the fashion for the beard from that time. This is a small selection of pictures.
 Agave for sale at Hebrew Ladies' Bazaar
Illustrated Sydney News c.1876

 Agave americana behind bicycle riders c.1896
He wears a cloth cap, single breasted Norfolk jacket designed for active wear and Knickerbocker trousers.
 Gold digger of Victoria c.1854
He wears a broad brimmed 'wide-awake' felt hat with green veil allowing for protection from flies and dust. Probably enough space to smoke a pipe as well without letting the veil catch on fire.
 White hat with sun flap worn with check suit c 1870's
This style of hat is still available today especially in Queensland.
 'Sugar-loaf' cabbage-tree hat c.1867
This style of tall conical hat was worn by explorer Burke when he and Wills set off from Melbourne in 1860. He sported a blue coat with a red shirt and took thirty cabbage-tree hats on the ill-fated expedition.
Charles Todd and the 'Overlanders' SA c.1872
The men have straw hats and white 'troppo sun helmets' worn with striped and spotted Crimean shirts.
Tropical cork-lined helmets appeared in the 70's and 80's and were sold in Sydney and Brisbane by B Mountcastle and Sons until the end of the century when straw boaters became popular.

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  1. It's a bit like that disease we get as we age; go to do (or get) something, arrive at destination, become distracted with other baubles and pretties. then forget why you went there in first place. At least you remembered the agave!