Sunday, June 29, 2014

Great Gatsby Gardening

 I have been looking for a vintage 1920's rose to grow over a shed and I have chosen the Alister Clark bred 'Lorraine Lee' which was released in 1924 by Hackett and Co of Adelaide. The climbing version came later in 1932. Lorraine Lee was a cousin of Alister Clark's wife and she picked it out in 1920 from his batch of seedlings. It went on to become the most popular rose in Australia for decades following, mainly because it flowers non-stop for most of the year in warm climates.
 Rosa 'Lorraine Lee'
Bred from 'Jessie Clark', a Rosa gigantea seedling, and 'Capitaine Miller', a seedling of the China rose 'General Schlablikine'. The colour is described as rosy apricot pink or terracotta.
Rosearian Susan Irvine suggests an under-planting of Achillea 'Salmon Beauty'.

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