Thursday, July 24, 2008


Cyclamen hederifolium
Cyclamen is a wonderful bulbous plant to grow under deciduous trees and shrubs as they not only flower from winter to spring but their leaves are attractively marked in shades of pale green to grey and silver. The name Cyclamen is thought to derive from the Greek kyklos meaning circle, a reference to the shape of their tuber or "bulb" The modern florists Cyclamen were bred from C.persicum which has tall slender blooms in pink shades with marbled heart shaped leaves.
As this plant originates from Greece,Turkey and the Middle East it is often difficult to replicate their ideal growing conditions especially in Summer when they are dormant. They like a free draining soil with plenty of leaf mould or compost. They also like a hot dry Summer so any deluge of rain on the coast at this time may cause them to rot. It is worth mentioning that some are noted for their fragrance. Here are some species which I have tried and alas lost: C.coum. C cyperium,
C repandum ssp pelopponesiacum, C balaericum, and C intaminatum. So now I stick to the hardy C.hederifolium which is available in punnets from about March onwards.

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