Sunday, July 27, 2008

Melaleuca filifolia, Wiry honey-myrtle

Melaleuca filifolia, Wiry honey-myrtle

This spectacular flowering shrub which originates from those sandy gravelly soils north of Perth should be more widely grown.The mauve-purple flowers which appear like some many bright explosions over the thin foliage are at their best now. Many Melaleucas are "swamp" plants and tolerate quite wet soils but not this one .Along with Melaleuca fulgens ,the scarlet honey myrtle ,it prefers well drained soil and should be kept on the dry side The area where it comes from receives winter rainfall hence the winter flowers.
Because of its very fine ,almost needle like foliage, it tends to disappear in the landscape when not in flower so needs to be positioned in front of a more broad leaf plant for best effect. Something like a bold succulent would be ideal .The striking foliage of Furcraea foetida "Medio-picta', Mauritius Hemp, when teamed with Melaleuca filifolia would make for a bold statement.

Furcraea foetida "Medio-Picta', Mauritius Hemp

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