Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Vegetables,herbs and flowers in stainless steel planters 

The potager,which comes from the French word potage, or "soup" is a kitchen garden ,however small, which provides the daily seasonal produce for a family.
 It is is charming and decorative form of vegetable gardening is at its best in winter and spring for colourful lettuce,baby beets,leeks and peas. The peas rarely make it to the kitchen and are eaten straight off the bush.
Flowers such as Viola, Nasturtium and Calendula add a vibrancy to salads.

Viola tricolor ,Johnny Jump-Up

I also love the herb Chervil or French Parsley which adds a delicate flavour to a wide variety of dishes. It is impossible to grow in the warmer months.
And then there is Kale which turns "silky" when added to soup.

Kale Red Bor F1

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