Monday, August 25, 2008

A gardening knife

Once upon a time ,knives of the non kitchen variety for use outdoors were given a G rating.
In the 1957 film The Pajama Game ,a comedy no less, knives were thrown around with gay abandon,even in the darkened confines of "Hernando's Hideaway" (Ole! indeed)
This particular knife is very useful for dividing up perennials on a work bench,removing offsets from Agave and Aloe plants and for weeding around prickly or spiky plants.It is also great for use in the bush if you are trying to remove that most horrible of weeds Asparagus densiflorus and plumosus.
The non-sharp point also means it does less damage if you do happen to drop it on your foot.(Heaven forbid) The wooden handle is also great as it is non slip and comfortable to use.
James and Janet Walker
M/S Allora Qld 4362
(sorry to the squeamish but it's called a lamb skinning knife)

2017 update: This was my second one which I no longer have. Despite spray painting the handle in dayglo orange it disappeared in the garden one day and never returned

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