Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Winter flowering Rose

Rose Zephrine Drouhin (1868) growing through a hedge of the maroon foliaged Iresine herbstii
This hot pink flowering rose belongs to the group known as the Bourbon Roses which originated on the French island colony of Reunion (I'Lle Bourbon) now part of Mauritius.
Roses which flower in winter seem to retain their perfume throughout the day and this one has quite a strong scent. It grows as an untidy rambling shrub and is perfect for planting where it can rest on or grow over the top of a hedge.One of its best attributes is that it is thornless and apart from a getting a bit of mildew on the leaves in summer it is very hardy. I usually cut off the spent flowers and before you know it there is a fresh batch appearing .There is not set time for pruning it either as long as any dead wood or old stems are cut out it is rewarding and easy care. ,definitely a firm favourite. Spot flowering occurs throughout the year.

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