Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wildflowers and where to see them

Hovea ,Purple Pea Flower
"Spring is with us again, the wildflower spring that is ,for officially it is still winter..."
Kathleen McArthur Living on the Coast 1989
"...the flowers of the Australian bush are beautiful, and noted for delicacy of form and richness of colour..
Many of them emit freely a perfume which fills the surrounding air with fragrance. What can be more exquisite or more delicate than the scent of Boronia megastigma, Boronia heterophylla, Boronia serrulata, Sydney native rose..."
Ellis Rowan The Flower Hunter 1891

"...Sydney people are most fortunate in the wildflowers that abound around that fabulous harbour. The sandstone country that flowers love so much runs inland for quite a distance in places..."
Edna Walling On the Trail of Australian Wildflowers 1948

The wildflowers are in bloom so it's thanks to the following women for painting them, writing about them and contributing to their preservation and conservation..........
Ellis Rowan, Estelle Thomson, Florence Sulman, May Gibbs, Thistle Harris, Jean Galbraith,
Veda Cruickshank, Rica Erikson, Vera Scarth-Johnson, Barbara Salter, Celia Rosser,
Thelma Chippendale, Edna Walling, Kathleen McArthur, Judith Wright,Betty Maloney,
Jean Walker,Diana Snape.......
Wildflower Gardens Open to the Public
Stony Range Flora Reserve
Pittwater Road
Dee Why
The Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden
Mona Vale Road
St Ives
Katandra Bushland Sanctuary
Lane Cove Road
Mona Vale
Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve
Bates Drive

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