Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lavandula dentata

Lavandula dentata French Lavender

In France this is known as 'English' lavender, while here we call it 'French'. Fact is, it is neither French nor English but grows wild in Spain and Morocco. It is a 1metre shrub with very aromatic leaves and it reaches a peak of flowering at this time of year. It is certainly one of the hardiest lavenders and tolerates cold (minus 8C) ,does well under humid coastal conditions and in sea spray. That said, the leaves adapt to the seasons whatever the climate by becoming large and open during cool wet conditions and changing to a vertical stem hugging form during times of heat and dry. Occasional shearing to remove old flower heads helps maintain it in a good shape and it appreciates a side dressing of dolomite lime in autumn. Their are some unusual forms of L dentata including one with white flowers ; a variegated leaf variety called 'Linda Ligon' and the dark purple flowering variety called 'Plougman's Blue'.

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  1. This one grows best in our hot and humid conditions. I always thought it was French!Thanks for the information.