Monday, August 3, 2009

Qualup Bell

Pimelea physodes, Qualup Bell

Native to the gravelly soils between Ravensthorpe and the Gardener River in Western Australia ,this small shrub was named after Qualup Homestead where it is found growing abundantly. The botanical name Pimelea comes from Pimele meaning fat , a reference to the oily seeds. Pimeleas usually have flat heads of flowers but in this species the true flowers are hidden under large leafy bracts which form a protective bell shaped cover. These bracts start out an apple green and purple colour and become more vibrant over time. In the early morning the flowers release a perfume which is more delicate than the Boronia. This shrub has become more readily available at specialist native plant nurseries and is worth growing in a raised garden bed in full sun or as a container plant.

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