Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plectranthus neochilus, Dogbane

Plectranthus neochilus
 Dogbane or Spur Flower

This strongly aromatic groundcover is in flower now and has been for almost a month. It is from Zambia , Zimbabwe and Natal in Africa and is the sort of plant you could include in a low water use garden or with succulents. It forms quite a dense mat of foliage and can be a bit invasive under good garden conditions so is best used in harsh spots such as banks in full sun with poor soil. Any cut stem pieces will grow roots easily so to increase plants it is simply a matter of putting new cuttings straight in the ground where they are to grow. This is a great bee plant and could be planted on the perimeter of a vegetable garden to encourage insect pollinators. It will tolerate light frost only.
2017 update: I no longer grow it.

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