Friday, September 18, 2009

Tiger Grass, Thysanolaena maxima

Thysanolaena maxima
  Tiger Grass

Tiger grass is a clump forming grass resembling a bamboo and is an excellent screening or landscaping feature plant. It grows to about 3 metres tall but remains a metre wide at the base. During winter it produces terminal pannicles of pink/brown flower heads which are quite decorative. At this time of year I cut off the old flower stems and give it a feed of some nitrogen rich fertilizer. It does well in full sun or part shade and though tolerant of dry poor soils, best growth is achieved in good soil with adequate moisture. It will only tolerate light frost.
2017 update: I had trouble keeping stock alive over winter in pots so no longer grow it. In ground plants remain tall and lush.


  1. can you advise if I can divide my tiger grass now and how would I do it?

  2. Now would be a good time to divide it or in spring. good luck with doing it though as it is very tough to dig up.It is now widely available and is sold in 6inch pots for under $10.00.

  3. I just paid $50.00 each for 3 plants. It appears that it is getting very popular and hard to get. these plants were about .900 high