Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teucrium marum, Cat Thyme

Sammy surrounded by his favourite plant, Cat Thyme ,Teucrium marum
This small leaved silver shrub is native to the islands of the western Mediterranean region and is adored by cats who like to nibble on the leaves or break off small pieces so they can roll around on it. The leaves have a very pungent smell like a combination of ether and mustard, an odor which is quite distinctive and strong. If you have a cat, plants in the garden or in pots will be kept to a neat rounded shape by the constant attention and tip pruning, so they may not reach more than 20cm high. Bright pink flowers are produced in summer which contrast well with the grey foliage.This is a good plant to grow in seaside gardens or for places which tend to become seasonally dry .
2017 update: I currently don't have any stock. RIP Sammy

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